Your thinking
Often not, well thought 
You think and you think hard
About it’s role, it’s part 
About it’s start, it’s end, it’s fate
Sometimes, just if it’s too late 

About what you can do to it
About what it might do to you
How deep it may come to dig
Dig deep into your veins and you

You forget the purpose it’s there
You misjudge what it brings with it
It keeps your scattered in check but you

It doesn’t need to suit your style
Your colour it won’t judge
It need not be too showy or pricey
Just comfortable for you, and you will never budge

You cant get over its misty depth

Forgetting it’s just a hairband
Your hairband, On your wrist

You can stretch it, tease it
Stressed too much? Release it
You test it, detest it, but you always do
You keep that one band, the one most suited to you


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