Yesterday when you had done this outrageous act, I had grabbed your hand, inspite of the heavy rush of people pushing me inside the metro, and pinched it hard. I AM SORRY I DIDN’T HURT YOU HARDER. If that wasn’t enough for you, I stared into your eyes for long, because it was impossible to use words in that moment of shock. But when i could find the words to ask you to refrain jabbing your hands around, POLITELY, you said that you were being pushed too hard by the crowd behind. How hard is it to understand clear clean language? Could only harsh, cuss words penetrate the unconcerned, uncivilised exterior of yours?! So, I AM SORRY I WAS POLITE.
How to behave in the metro 101 for you: DO NOT GRAB WHAT’S NOT YOURS! Whether that is a bag, a hand, or a butt belonging to, or attached with a body that does not belong to your creepy self. No, i am not going to ask you whether you have sisters or a mother or lady friends, and how you should be treating them, because i am sure they must be as clueless about this horrible trait of yours as I was yesterday in the metro. I AM SORRY THEY DON’T KNOW.


If you did not know this before, let me be crystal clear now. NO, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO GRAB MY BUTT BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE IT! It is highly offensive, humiliating, intrusive, demeaning, belittling and infuriating for you to do so! I AM SORRY I DID NOT SAY THIS YESTERDAY
I know that there will be a lot of minds buzzing with the question, “Why did you not take the Ladies’ coach during that hour?” To that, i have a few questions of my own. Does a special coach imply that the other seven coaches of the train are not available to me because i am a woman? Does it impair my right to enter a general coach because i am a woman who dared to do so during rush hour? Should a man not be expected to keep his thoughts, his hands and his private parts in control during a public commute? 
I am SORRY that your behaviour has been outed on a public forum. I am SORRY that i did not share this last night itself. I am SORRY i will not tolerate this behaviour again. I am SORRY now women will think it’s okay to shout at disgraces like yourself.

– Fellow traveller. Woman. Human. 


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