Relentless in your yearning to search 

For a new meaning, a cause, a new self, your soul

You fight Loneliness, fear and the society

Grow alive, torn, injured and tolled 

Your wild self outgrows your nest 

It comes home only for days at stretch

You show no mercy to its call to you

So it slips through the fingers of the nascent you

What dare you call your nest now, love,

What dare run as smoothly as your fingers on its wiring

What dare you now call as your home

When the founding piece of your being is retiring 


4 thoughts on “Home

    1. The intention was to present the dilemma that a wanderer faces having left her home. And now that the home itself is no more, where can she go? What can ever feel like home again? Rhetorical questions. Since nothing can feel like home, once the one you grew up in is gone.


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