This day, prompted her mind to explode. Even so, numb from her over thinking, her feet led her to the balcony. She slumped onto the floor, her legs folded close to her heart, almost as if holding the heart from imploding. 

Only this morning she’d left her family, leaving smiles all around. Only this afternoon, had she bent over backwards making a fool of herself for her loved ones. That always gets everyone cracking. She remembered laughing hard. At herself. That too always gets everyone cracking. This explains the evening then. 

People often told her, “don’t laugh so hard, you’ll cry later”. That’s mean, she’d think, but that’s what might have happened to her this evening. Had this gloom set upon her heart because all the painful thoughts she had stored in her never-land, were trying to barge through the gates? Or, was it because her mind was testing the prudence of what people said?

Her eyes stared into the trees across the street, as her mind was screaming and reeling in this silence. And a blast, boom! Stirred out of her solitude, her eyes broke contact with the green, and darted to the source of the sounds. Ta-ta-tra-tra-tra! Fireworks. “Welcome back”, she whispered through her smile.  


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