Mask task

How simple it is conceived, to don a mask, a face, a state of mind or a veil; how boggling is the assumption that something that bothers you, should render you absolutely hapless and shattered! How stereotypical can expectations be if all that is wanted is attention and time, instead of concern and loyalty. How misplaced is the trust which hasn’t travelled miles and knocked on the wrong doors, or had a few life-altering stays, before it finds home. How questionable is one who cannot find questions in stances normally conceived unquestionable. How indolent is the love which hasn’t been outraged, demeaned, faulted, frowned upon, or flailed to the edge of lifelessness. How outrageous is the smile that carves in the face of despair.

Once again, how desirous it is to mask all emotions with practicality, but aspire to be unmasked. But how tainted is this desire that feels betrayed when someone attempts to unmask the same!


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