Philosophy argues and contradicts itself in innumerable ways, taking examples of half filled or half empty glasses, fighting to put air as a competent element just to prove the supremacy of optimism over pessimism. Air?!

The fight I’d rather put up, is between emptiness and vacuum, pessimism and optimism apart. Connotations of a philosophical nature are debates that can’t be concluded, owing to the oratorical skills of opposing parties. But such distinctions as those between emptiness and vacuum, require only one component- experience!

Vacuum- an absolute isolation of thoughts, processes, people, feelings, expressions, and doubts and dilemmas. But emptiness? That is just connection of the soul with the more materialistic components of one’s self. An intervention for oneself, staged by one’s own thoughts, feelings and emotions, seeking an outage, just not in presence of foreign beings, but oneself. That, is emptiness.

The beauty of emptiness lies, not within the sorrow it tends to render to your material being, but to the pleasure it brings to your soul.

After all, an empty space still holds the potential to breath life into a body. Brace your emptiness. It, after all, is a red carpet for action.


4 thoughts on “Emptiness and optimism

  1. A long standing emptiness state leads to vacuum. It leads to social isolation. Hence It is imperative to jerk onself out of emptiness to avoid the long standing fight between our self criticism and thoughts that defend our real life actions.


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