The most important, most trying, most teaching, most testing, and sometimes, the most hilarious, most enjoyable experiences of our life, have been mistakes. Mistakes define our perseverance in reaching out to do what we thought of doing. The question that causes a dilemma for me is, are all mistakes just a certain few takes on our lives gone wrong, or are they those experiences that have just been given a negative spin to? Now, me, I am not what you can label as a stark optimist. But this one, my experiences tell me, has rather been labelled incorrectly.

For me, mistakes are rather detours, rest-stops, where I get to contemplate. Not only over the task at hand, but at the quagmire I have been put into, the situation my misstep puts others into, the position this mishap puts me into, and subsequently, these cast light on my stand in life. Oh, the cogwheels that my deliberation starts turning! But this deliberation, I am grateful for. In inference, my mistakes aren’t just episodes, they are quintessentially escapades.


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