Role reversal

Picture this. A woman, a wanderer by nature, took on a beautiful day of light drizzle, to walk down the road. She’s scaling the lengths of the damp, puddled road on foot, cars and mo-bikes  whizzing past her, as she carefully keeps to her side of the road. Imagine the turmoil of expressions on the faces of that rule-abiding woman, and drivers, when the urgency of a young man, walking ahead of her, caused him to suddenly be taking a sharp right onto the middle of the road, with the added grace of undisturbed glaring into his smartphone. A jaw drop from the woman, an inharmonious screech of several sets of tires on the roads, scowls from the driving humanfolk, and the not-so-pleasant pleasantries vocally transmitted; all only to go wasted on the earplugs worn by this gentleman.

Now, I am no artist. So, this picture is not an abstract construction, but one of the events of my day today. It sprouted in me the urge to promote the need of use of indicators. Only, in this case, I refer to such usage by pedestrians. Don’t you think it’s time, my dear fellow pedestrians?


One thought on “Role reversal

  1. It would be really interesting to see the pedestrians with indicators, however, I feel that it’s more appropriate to hope that the traffic on the road assumes responsibility,and that the pedestrian cooperates simply by plugging in headphones when on the road.


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